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Last Sunday I opened the newspaper to find a death of a young couple and the entire week something or the other have been always like this in the newspapers. The truth is, at times, when we step out of our house we are unsure what’s going to happen next. The fear of unknown things creeps inside our mind, we start feeling unsafe, will something bad happen to me and worse is how do I live with positivity when the world around me so much negative.
You think this is something you live with it every day right? But have you wondered the impact it has on your life. Your power to think something positive fades away, the power to achieve your dreams gets limited. Why? Because when you start thinking about your dream you associate it with the failures and instances of something bad that has happened to people who had such dreams.
A real life example would be if a person likes cricket, he would hear from others, there are already so many players, why you chose cricket. He would then think I will not be able to survive in the crowd and he stops following his dream.
Then, how do we overcome this situation of negativity around us.
Talk to yourself. Yes, you read it right. When you constantly talk about your dreams and how you plan to  achieve it. No matter how bad you are in talking to yourself, your self-esteem rises. The moment you recognize this positivity, the situation around you starts changing. People start noticing your self-confidence and pat your back to cheer you up.
What are the other methods to achieve this? Vision it. Visioning is setting up a goal and visualizing that the goal is achieved, but however the goal should be realistic and in your capabilities. You shouldn’t be dreaming about something that you are not born to do, like, say cricket is not your strength, you can’t be a cricket player, even if you set up this as a dream.
Recognize your specialization, the thing that you are good at and practice towards refining it and visioning that it gets achieved.
Seems easy, right? Then why doesn’t everyone try this and get their dreams fulfilled. Here comes the twist of God and power of good work.
When you give negative vibes or negative attitude to the world, it comes back to you as well. Positivity is built up inside your heart, a part where God resides so, whatever you do your actions are noted down. If you give negative to the world, you can’t get positive vibes in return.
Positivity can be experienced when you do good and are good. In a nutshell, if you want to harness the positive life within you, do good, work towards it and vision it happening around you.

Post By: Nivedita Vedurla

Nivedita Vedurla is the author of the book, TWO ANGELS and a software engineer by profession. She discovered her passion for writing after she became a mother. Words and love started pouring out in her heart and she put them into stories. Her stories reflect her strong belief in love, faith and the power of the mind. When she is not writing, she plays around with her kid and taps her foot listening to dance numbers.
You can find her blogs at vedurlanivedita.com. You can even buy her debut book TWO ANGELS from Amazon using the below link.
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