A Ray of Hope

Hope this word is small but it's meaning is so humongous that it at times leaves lives in despair and shock. Some have it, some are trying to have while some have totally lost it. Hope is something that we all trying to have our hands on and never lose it again, as its the thing that drives the life. Being honest, life wouldn't be possible at all without hope.

Everyone has at least one vision or mission in their life which they live for, hope for it to get complete. But what happens when they begin to lose their grip on that hope and slowly lose it completely.

A Hopeless man is nothing but like a zombie, who eats, lives, and sleeps without any aim. They are no different than robots who just work just because they have to work. At times people even commit suicides and while some just live like lifeless beings as there's something that is stopping them, holding them back from doing something so worse.

That my friend is hope, Its right there in you. When you truly lose hope, your life ends. I'm not talking about self-harming attempts here. They are sure insignia of cowardice.  But you actually never lose hope completely, you just lose confidence in it that it is there. You just tend to negate and refuse its existence just because you have failed in something.

Failures are the stepping stones to success
As its said since ages, you need to learn from your failures, get better. Always remember,
How you Fall isn't important, but how you get back up surely is.
Once a child was sitting on the stairs outside the backyard upset, holding is face in hands. His grandpa observes that 5-yr old upset and sad about something. Out of curiosity, his grandpa sits beside the kid and asks him about the reason for his sadness.

At first that kid looks at his grandpa and thinks whether he should say it or not. Seeing his doubts, grandpa pulls him into his lap and hugs him asking about his problem again. This time the kid said,"I lost the race with James again. He's so tall, he always wins. I don't wanna race anymore with him."

To this his grandpa chuckles and points towards the ants below the tree,"Can you see those ants working?" Kid frowns thinking that his issue was ignored by his grandpa and doesn't answer. Grandpa smiles and continues,"what will happen if you put a log in ant's path?"

The kid puzzled looks at grandpa and then stares at the ants for a while. For once he completely forgets about his own problem and answers," It turns away and moves from the other side."

Grandpa smiles putting him down from the lap ,"what if you do that again?"
"It again does the same, what difference does it make?" Kid replies seemingly a bit annoyed.

"If you put hurdles in ant's path, it takes a different way but never stops. The same way you should keep trying and never lose hope. There might be times when you lose and there will be times when you win. But remember son, always keep trying."

If you feel exhausted then take a break. Go on a holiday or something, do some adventure activities, get out exercise, make your body sweat. Remember, exercise always helps your body to get away from depression and is only natural key to keep a lot of problems away. Take proper rest and have a good work out daily and trust me there are ups and downs without them life is impossible and like a dead wave on an electrocardiogram.

If you understand Hindi then check out this video, it is really helpful.

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