The Chaotic Calm

Ever been into a mode where there is chaos all around you but your mind is somehow in state of calm. You don't know the reason but you just feel like everything is going around you in slow motion. You can calmly just see each and every detail and work perfectly fine without that chaos affecting you at all even the slightest. Your senses sort of are numbed and you can feel everything but just a tiny gist of it. What would you call that state of mind?

If you think I am gonna go all into preacher mode for you than nah! my friend you are at the wrong place. Well I was thinking about a few things lately which brought these thoughts into my mind. We always talk about being patient, being calm even in most chaotic times and pressure moments and then train for them via various exercises, some learn through them while some don't. Some need time and experiences to get acquainted with that chaos and then slowly their minds adapt to that pressure and instability around the environment surrounding them leading them to a state where all of these doesn't affect them anymore.

I feel this ability to feel the calmness even in the biggest of chaos is not less than any super power. These professionals are not less than any saints who had done their years long meditation. Ever realised how calm any soldier can be in midst of a full engaged battle, a firefighter in a burning place rescuing people, a doctor in midst of an super imp surgery, a pilot flying the aircraft right through a storm, an engineer handling servers just with his finger tips, a president or leader of nation, a chef who's cooking for you, or an artist creating his next masterpiece?

I feel these are a few examples of the real life superheroes that we have around here. This doesn't mean I am saying other professions are not worthy, rather I am just presenting an example that we have a lot of super heroes around us who are working for us daily. All of them are blessed with this ability of staying calm even in the midst of a chaos.

Ever imagined this super ability that you already had in yourself and you still were looking around searching for some superheroes or super powers to become one but you my friend yourself were a superhero in own sense?
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  1. Too good!
    "We live in a rainbow of chaos!"~Paul Cezanne


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