Why Ebooks aren't trending in India

I published an Ebook via amazon and enrolled it for kdp select (which you can check via clicking here ) I was all happy and set for being a published author. Personally me being an ebook lover I hardly bought any paperbacks apart from my syllabus books  as Ebooks had their own fair share of advantages out weighing paper-backs by loads. Hence, with all those thoughts in my mind I opted for Ebook only as paperback needed investment (which me being a broke student couldn't afford :P ) Now many of will ask why I didn't  ask my parents for money? Well I wanted to do it on my own. I didn't wanted to invest loads on first into it and as said before I had 0 interest in paperbacks.

So coming back to point, well just like every other kindle author I began to search for tips to market the books well. How to pitch to your reader share of market and loads of other tips, but then I realised a super huge fact. Teenagers who comprise of most readers and a majority in this market. Well they don't have access to a basic thing which is needed for online shopping (especially in case of ebooks) i.e. credit/debit cards. For buying paperbacks its a whole different scenario as they can use the option of COD or just  head into a bookstore and get its copy if its a well known book/author. But for ebooks only option left is either online payment or kindle membership.

Now most wont opt for the kindle membership and ones who do merely comprise of 2-3% rest all still go via other options. Now imagine you asking your parent for credit/debit card to get that cheap little ebook (romance novel case) . Or you being a parent where your teenager kid is asking for your card to shop online.

I know many won't still be getting the issue here so lemme explain. The thing is Cards be it Debit/Credit, anything related to banks is a pretty serious matter in India, and Indian parents tend to keep either kids away till they are of certain age or monitor it regularly, at time even after that kid has their own kids.

So for a kid imagine going to your mom/dad and asking them for their card to get a new novel of your famous romance and chicklit authors or even sci fi or fantasy and then that awkwardness when they fire their faqs at you.

Now my dear friend if you still don't find any issue here then you need to read that again or you aren't familiar with Indian culture. I don't know if anyone has ever thought of this, be it amazon itself or authors who are publishing ebooks there. If not then start thinking and I'll return with more of such mind-tickling topics.

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