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well from quite a long time I was thinking to start a new category of posts which will be following around the main theme of my blog i.e. viewing the world with different vision. So, Here I am with a new series where I'll be posting about things that we actually miss out, things that we never paid such close attention to even after being it an integral part of our lives.

We know about the Ramayan, we know the story where Ravan kidnaps Sita and Ram goes to rescue her. It's been like hard-coded into our mind that Ravan is bad, Ram is good. But ever took a moment to think back closely and relate to the story. I am not into any 'This is right, that is wrong perceptions' or debates but just wanna bring out the fact that how blindly we just jump onto conclusions without even thinking about it again, that is that really a thing or just a hoax fed into our brains just as thing without even a proper reason which passes from one generation to another?

If you anyhow might have read more deeply about the characters of the Ramayan, you'd definitely awe at the personality of Ravan. Just because of his one mistake, one wrong decision all his other deeds are covered up as bad.

For several of you who don't know yet, Ravan was one of the most intelligent personas of his time. He was not only the scholar in regular subjects but also was a veena maestro. He was an efficient and extremely skillful administrator for his kingdom, A fierce warrior and a smart thinker as well.

He was a deep enthusiast of Arts and other Scholarly interests. According to myths its said that He is represented with 10 heads because he had so much of knowledge that it couldn't fit in one head, that resulted in representing him with 10 heads, as we see now.

In Sri Lanka there are temples where Ravan is a deity and people pray for their well being and prosperity, isn't it a fun fact? We just blindly hate anything/anyone most of times because that information is just fed into our brains. We never actually took a few minutes out of our lives and thought about it.

Ravan was just an example of the fact about several things that are just fed into our brains as kids as we grow up. Not saying that everything told to us is wrong but to be very honest and frank, most of the things need to update themselves with the time. We need to broaden our perspectives and look at the things in much better manner with open minds.

As I usually say,

Nothing's right and Nothing's wrong, its all about the perceptions that we have.
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