My Experiences after being published

I know many of you were awaiting this post since a very long time. Well for those who aren't yet aware, last week I published my first Novel via Amazon and is now available as Paperback and Ebook.

Many of the readers approached me with FAQs regarding getting published. I might make a post with FAQs of publishing later, but this post is solely for the experiences I had after getting published. So here I begin with a quote which was rather used as a mantra  at my school.
Winners don't do different things, They do things differently.
 After getting published, new doors opened up for me. It felt like I was in an another world even after most of the things being same. I am not talking about fame or fans here, which is another concept but rather I am talking about the self-respect that you achieve. The proud feeling your parents get, the feeling that their kid did achieved something on their own. The smile that yous see on their faces when they see your achievements. It's just a bliss.

New people started connecting to me, for various reasons. The friend circle broadened but I kinda felt separated from my group of friends who were underdogs. They began avoiding me, and I don't know yet why.

When people write about after-publishing effects online, they always pen down the usual, fame, money, media things. I am not gonna talk about that. It feels as if everyone starts expecting more and more from you. Some unwanted expectations are being tied to your tails. But we are still the same, aren't we?

Before my book, when friends used to meet we used to blabber and rant about college life. But now all they ask is 'hows my book doing? What are the sales?' My social media messages are now more of the standard template I use for promoting my book rather than those mindless bickering we used to have as teens.

People who enjoyed reading your books start asking you when is your next book getting published. I know its a good thing but rather it builds up more pressure, pressure of expectations.

But apart from old friends getting far away, I found some new friends who were supporting me even without knowing me yet. Like imagine someone sharing your posts just like that and you wonder who's this. No, I am not talking about social media marketers (sorry but they're annoying).

All that goes in my mind right now is how to get my book to more people, being the one-man-army, I have to do the marketing as well. Along with that I am also planning for my second book, which will be an Adventurous blend of Sci-fi & Fantasy. You can read its first drafts for free on here.
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