Mumbai - A City That Never Stops

Mumbai, whenever and wherever this word is mentioned, a different feeling of awe, pride and fighting spirit comes to me. Mumbai or Bombay whatever you may call it, is titled with so many names. The city which leaves you dumbstruck and at awe whenever you look at it.

People have called it Mayanagri which means city of illusions, city of dreams, a city that never stops, A city that never sleeps.  Mumbai has this amazing fighting spirit which makes it unstoppable, be it a terrorist attack, natural calamity or anything else. 

Mumbaikars, or the residents of Mumbai as they like to call themselves, have this awesome fighting back spirit which I think no other city has. Leaving the political facts behind, the people here are awesome. You won't find anyone blabbering or discriminating anyone on basis of caste,creed, economic status, though exceptions are everywhere. The spirit of a Mumbaikar  is commendable.

Even when you just go out at mid-night you won't find yourself alone, just ask for help and you'll have at least a bunch of people at your aid even at that time of night. The most awesome force, Mumbai Police, a force which works 24/7 throughout the city. You won't really feel unsafe or lonely here.

I still remember, I was with my riding group and we were on night ride touring whole Mumbai on cycle. I  thought the streets will be empty, just a little traffic on roads. But bleh, I was happy to say I was wrong. There were like hundreds of cars just zooming past our cycles and Mumbai police patrol vans who were on duty throughout the whole route while we were riding. We had taken a short water-break near airport where one of the patrol vans stopped and asked if we needed any help.

People being so supportive, they don't care about anything when the city is in trouble and people are in need of help. Talking about recent floods and high alerts, People opened houses to strangers, places of worship, school, colleges were opened up for people to stay and safe places till water levels decrease.

Even in these floods, people were leaving with their Ganesha idols for immersions. At times I'm awed by this fearless crowd, that has learnt to fight so much that now nothing stops them. Its said that If you can survive in Mumbai, you can survive anywhere in the world. Due to its vast economic and cultural diversity its often called as 'Mini India'. With more than a million people living here on this island city, you are bound to get up and learn to tackle the obstacles at very tender age.

The unity and the fighting spirit of this city can never be compared with any place in this world. I know we have our own issues but we have learnt to fight them ourselves, rather than relying on someone else to come and solve those for us. If you're a Mumbaikar you'd smiling right now mentally agreeing to each and every point I mentioned in this article.
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