Let's Talk about Feminism and Gender Equality

Well there are always a lot of debates happening on the topics on Feminism and Gender Equality. I wont be reinventing the wheel again repeating the same cycle but would love to grab your attention to  few things that you might or might not have noticed ever before.

The things I might be talking about will have its major reference to things happening in my country India. But there are also some general things that are happening the very same way all over the world.

Before I begin this let me clear myself very loud.

I honestly believe in Gender equality and have common sense, but can't tolerate nonsense.
People always talk about atrocities happening on women. I know there are things happening but it always isn't a female who's victim and male who's a criminal. Agreed there exist perverts and psychos everywhere. But just declaring a guy as criminal because of his gender is Sexism in my terms.

To all Females, You talk about gender equality, equal pay, equal rights. Okay, accepted even I support those. Every human should have their rights irrespective of their caste,creed,genders etc. But what happens to your equality agendas when you get reservations not only from governments but also benefits for just being a female from the society? Why double standards?

You want equality but along with that you also want benefits for being a lady. Governments give free accessories to girls in schools, fees are waived off, if travelling then their travel costs are been waived off and paid by governments. Even in Engineering Colleges there's 19% reservation in name of "Woman's Quota" why? girls don't have enough IQ to get into engineering colleges? Trains, Buses, basically every state transport system has women's special coaches/seats reserved. Even some private services have women-only cabs in service. Banks also have special rates for females who want to apply for loans.

These were just a few points in my notice about Government and Organisational stuff which are written or maybe implemented legally.  But what about moral stuff that we face in society daily? In times of disaster it is said "women and children" first, why? If a boy and and girl are walking on road and girl screams, creates a scene and slaps a guy, people will automatically beat that guy up even before knowing the what happened and forget about knowing the relation between them.

If a guy needs help in middle of road and asks for it, hardly anyone will notice but if a girl needs help then the matter is totally different. Out of all this the thing I hate the most is playing the victim card. If you're a girl and just wanna steer clear out of any issue, play the victim card and no one will even question you second time.

Our college has hostel facility for students who can't travel daily to and fro to college. Now let me describe both the hostels which cost the same for a year, maybe a bit more for boys and then look at the facilities.

Boys hostel is just a huge hall with beds lined up in rows and No personal rooms whereas girls hostel is a 3-storey building which has rooms shared by 2-3 girls each. Boys hostel doesn't even have WiFi connection which you know is very important for technical students these days. Whereas girls hostel has WiFi facility.

I haven't even accounted other moral aspects where there's sexism on office levels, society levels, because it's a whole different topic. Have you ever thought about it before shouting on socials on these topics?

What do you think lemme know in the comments below.
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  1. I, as a feminist, feel insulted everytime any governmental or private organisation makes an exception for us in terms of reservations and easy-way-out just because we have a vagina! We are strong and intelligent... just varying in the level. And I believe in being worthy of something to have it. This shits just makes things harder for us ina way. We have to prove ourselves even more than we already have to do in a general sense!


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