How to Support Your Favourite Author 101

I've been receiving messages saying, I'm your fan, I really enjoy reading your books, When you're publishing you next book and so on. Then when I ask them if they had bought a copy of my book, the conversation slowly goes awkward and then turns into How many copies did I sell? Well, for the first instance thanks a lot for supporting and taking interest in my book sales, much appreciated.

I know many of us first search for pirated books of our favourite authors online and if we don't find any we just ask our friends if they had them. I know there'll be several ones who wouldn't be able to afford books by themselves, but Piracy  isn't a way out to it.

So here I am bringing you a list of tips that you can do to support your favourite authors and encourage them to write more. Everyone needs motivation don't they? Just they're published doesn't mean they're super duper millionaires right now.

  1. Try to buy books legally and don't support piracy. I know many of you'll say why to pay for something that's already available on Internet for free. This is something that you won't understand until and unless you yourself publish your work and put yourself out to people.
  2. I know paperbacks can be costly and some publishers over charge for copies. You can opt for Ebooks which are I think almost 1/4th of the original paperback's cost. Even Ebook is a published book. Some people count it as nothing. Talking about Ebooks, do you remember those save paper campaigns? I don't think I need to write an article on advantages of an EBook.
  3. Please don't opt for piracy as far as possible, get 2/3 reader friends, contribute and buy a copy that you can share amongst yourselves.
  4. Even if you any how fail to buy a legit copy and go for pirated copies, at least promote the book over socials, give it some reviews on Goodreads, support the author while you can.
  5. If the author is your friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, anyone close, Please don't ask for free copies. I know this sounds weird but who'll support if you won't? When you buy copies it increases the sales graph and book sales rank rises. There's absolutely no issue in giving free copies but when author buys the copy himself it doesn't account in any sales.
  6. Free copies distribution to people is a mere gimmick for authors and an earning trick for publishers so in that way they earn something even if the author doesn't do good in market. By this way of authors buying their own books, publishers are getting their cut but poor author ends up paying for his own stuff.
  7. Never ask an Author how much did he sell, it's like asking someone how much he/she earns.
  8. Getting published doesn't mean we are millionaires itself. It takes time, people need to buy, read, support, appreciate.
  9. If you want to read, and are given a free copy, please review it and spread it over socials and help author with promotions. It doesn't take much time to just post what you're reading over socials.
  10. Last but not the least, please don't support piracy and opt for any library service like Kindle Unlimited, which can be accessed over kindle app on mobiles. When there's a will, there's a way. EBooks are real books as well, just its not on paper, doesn't mean you can treat it like anything.
So these were a few points which I as a newbie author wanted to tell out to my readers. Personally, I always upload my first drafts on Where people can read and comment on initial drafts. I know it won't be as good as edited and published materials but that's how you can read my books for free and without promoting piracy. Along with that you can comment on it and lemme know what you like and what you don't.
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