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Well a few days back or sorry several days back I had uploaded a post regarding my views on cycling. Which I agree were quite practical and hard to digest by society. But after that there are a few things happened which I felt like I should spread out to the world.

Its a heavenly feeling when you inspire someone. Like you start feeling so good about yourself. Well after the post I started uploading my ride pics on my socials and started talking about it pretty much everywhere. 90% people almost categorised me as nuts and to be very honest I don't blame them for that :P

Benefits of cycling are so many that even if you google it once you'll find tons of links that you may take a year to read all of them. But bleh! I am not gonna blast all those facts on you. You can read my last post for them by clicking here. (you see what I did here :P #shamelesspromotions ) Anyway coming back to topic, so with all ride pics and stuff uploading on socials I started getting some responses like - Duh! you can't do that, You're too fat for that, Only fatsos will do cycling. Yeah , I was angry at first but then my wisdom asked me to ignore them.

Change can't be given to you everytime,
You should bring the change.

Then now 3 months later, I see occasional riding pics on socials, people around me joining cycling groups and wherever its feasible, cycle to work, people started cycling. I silently observed the change in ecosystem around me as it brought a smile over my face. Yesterday a thing happened that inspired me to write this post. Someone who never used to step out of his house without his huge sedan or his sports bike had bought a decent commuter cycle and had installed lights n other gears on it. I saw him cycling out of the parking space at night.

You see that? Lol people actually changed felt the change in the ecosystem. I would still say, If they can change why not you. Take the healthy alternative, use cycles in 5km radius around you. Inside city cycles will be always beneficial as it'll cut your gymming costs and make you fit by saving you money.

Bike and Car runs on money and makes you fat,
Cycle runs on fat and saves you money ;)

So with this cute little quote, lemme end this post here before anyone of you kills me :P Just kidding, don't forget to follow me on socials and share this post. 
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