Why not cycling? The best alternative

I have been cycling since school days. I don't know why but I really enjoy and love cycling. Recently a few things happening around made me think about this and well I would love to share this with all of you.

If you think I am gonna write another go green type of post then you might be thinking wrong. I would stick to ground reality and practical situations. A few days back one of my friends told me 'why you're still on cycle?' I knew this question was coming but anyway, all of them had their new bikes and I just got a new cycle. They were puzzled at what and why was I doing that. I explained them some reasons which I would like to share with you people.

As the modern world is advancing, so are the means of transport. People shifted from horses to cycles and then to cars and bikes. But along with that one thing was ignored by most of them i.e. Health. In recent years I saw almost all of my friends following one trend, first we used to be cycling all around the area but now they all have got some new shiny bikes. I am not against any bikes coz even bikes are my favourites but just give a few moments to think about my two cents that I am about to give you now.

What's logic behind travelling inside the city like within 25 km radius on a bike and then going to gym and working out for 2-3 hours? If some of you say speed then well inside the city, I assume most would be riding at 30-45 km/h which even a cycle can do? Imagine a scenario where you are having a bicycle and you are cycling around the city, going to market, or even just roaming around and getting fresh air, etc. This gives you the exercise you need. You no more need to go to a gym unless you are planning for some special abs.

The only exception to this will be asthmatic people and the ones with joint pains. I believe workouts should be always incorporated within your daily schedule. So you won't actually need to give or allot some time for a workout and along with that it'll also keep you healthy. Its scientifically proven, cycling is much better than running or jogging anytime as later stresses your joints to an extent that might result in pain after a few days. Then why not cycling?

Cycling will not only save your gym money but also your fuel money. Just think on it, If you're travelling most of the time inside the city, over small distances you can easily substitute it with a good cycle. It'll not only get your belly debloated but also get your pocket bloated with money being saved. Just an simple idea that can give you so many benefits. I really hate with someone says it'll harm your status quo. There are prime ministers who daily come to work on cycles. Excuses have no end, but its a matter for ones who really want to try it out.

Most of the people have absolutely no use for vehicles and just get it for a status quo. Its okay to buy a vehicle with your money and not with your health. I always see many cars lying in parking lots for years, just like that and having no absolute use. Honestly, I have seen nowadays many Corporate campuses getting fuel vehicles outside their campuses and making cycling and e-vehicles an option to travel inside campuses.

If this post has brought your mind into some enlightenment then I am really happy for you and for those who are still not convinced, well even petrol pump and gym owners need to earn so I am happy with you supporting them, they won't die hungry. (sarcasm intended)
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