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Once upon a Genie is a debut novel by Author Durriya Kapasi. The story revolves around a young girl named Daisy whose granny leaves her with a magical present after her death. Daisy comes across a genie whose trapped in the bottle. She frees the genie from the trap and in return the genie thanks her and asks her for her 3 wishes.

But the daisy, who was sad after her grandma's demise starts feeling lonely and gets depressed. There's when the genie comes to her rescue. The story is a fantasy romance mix where daisy falls for the genie. Someone who can't be her forever.

The book is been well written with absolutely butter smooth language flow. It's a page turner for the readers who enjoy heart warming mild and subtle romances. Personally I feel that there was a lot of scope to be played within the plot which was left unnoticed. But as the writer assures of sequel, I would be eagerly awaiting for what happens next in this cute little love story.

For readers who prefer fast paced books, you might not be as impressed with it but you'll generally like the story for its concept.

Kudos to the Author for some really innovative plot. A heart warming romance saga between a human and a genie surely makes everyone curious. I really enjoyed this because of the plot idea and narration which was buttery. Though you can call it knit-picking but as personally i prefer fast paced novels I didn't fan over it. I wish there was more playing in with the characters and scenes especially when the genie is involved but overall I would love to rate this book as 4/5. The book is released internationally and you can buy it from the links given below.

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Blurb by Author :Daisy had no idea what was in store for her when she uncovered the priceless reward concealed in a miscellaneous bottle; a super sexy genie that would pull the rugs below her feet.
Khalil Muwahid, the genie owed Daisy his gratitude for freeing him from the trap. He generously asked her for three wishes without holding any grudges against her. Gradually there was a strong connection between them, the bond of love.
Also, the rules of Djinn world were amended for their love, where Daisy wasn't supposed to ask for the third wish since they could be together, everlastingly.
BUT on the horns of Dilemma, Darren, Daisy's best friend's life was at threat. Does she use the last wish to save Darren? Or does she save her love?

About the author:

Durriya Kapasi was born and brought up in the East African country, Tanzania, while her ancestors were from Gujarat, India. 

She began writing her first book with the pen name Durriya Zaheer on an online storytelling community in 2014. The first story received reasonable appraisal and received nearly million reads online. Gradually in succession she authored two more books 8which received a great amount of acclamation on social media. 

Durriya serves as a Creative Writing teacher at local Primary School, an editor of a reputed local Magazine and sub editor at online news site She also contributes as a Wattpad Community Ambassador. 

Durriya lives in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Beside her utmost passion for English literature and reading, she loves travelling and cooking. Durriya is a Cancer Survivor (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 3B)

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