How to Judge a Book - Is It a good pick?

Once you made up your mind that you want to read a book, then you're off on Internet either to check some reviews before buying one or go to some book website to order them. Many of the times the reviews are biased or your thinking doesn't match with the reviewer. Many times you follow reviews and get a book, but after reading you feel 'Ah! It's boring', 'Why did I waste my money on this?',' This is not my type'.

It completely spoils your mood when you're soo into a book or waiting for it to arrive and read as the reviews and even the cover and blurb is great but when you open and read the first few pages cuss words leave your mouth. Ah! Don't deny, we all do that and it's okay. After this many will ask me 'how to choose a book?' for them I am writing this post so that you don't end up choosing something that doesn't suit your taste and end up spoling your moods.

The cover and the blurb has a lot of effect on the readers when they are out for choosing a book. Whether you're buying it from a local bookstore or ordering it online. Online at times you can save your money from buying something that looks so promising but isn't your type at all. As many times, some websites allow preview for a few pages to be read to see if the book is really good or not. Some of you may be old school and follow the book bloggers/vloggers. But there's a difference when you see a review buy a blogger and any normal user.

While reviewing the proffesional bloggers mostly avoid harsh terms or most of them time they don't even point out any cons in the work. As many of them go by the line that its someone's hard work and things like that but for them, I would like to say, why would anyone get what you like?

And then there are times when you'll find people writing really crappy reviews all over but if you just see the amount of copies that the book's been sold is really impressive. So when it comes to end, after seeing reviews by bloggers and comments on social media and stuff, you are actually now not in a mood to buy a book.

You suddenly start feeling that nothing's worth a buy or nothing is worth your money. Even if you're on some website like Wattpad you'll feel like nothing suits your taste. It's all crap.

So I wanna share a few tricks that I use while picking my books to read. If you think they're good you can follow them or else the old school methods awaits you ;)

While searching anywhere for a book, the very first thing I would notice is the cover and blurb. Many times the cover and blurb look so promising that you end up buying them, but what if that's nothing something that book actually contains? We'll discuss this after a few topics. So first check if the book and blurb are in sync.

For example : The cover looks professional with detailed graphics and eye pleasing but when you get to blurb you'll find the same old tetto-tales which you're not at all interested in.

Many times you'll find cliched stories, honestly as much I've read and experienced, I found cliched stories much more interesting and story filled and juicy as along with the cliched plots they added some wonderful creativity along with it which made even cliched reads enjoyable so I won't say a no no to Romance or Cliche works.

When you feel that okay, now this books looks promising. The blurb says a lot in itself, the way of writing blurb tells you itself the how the book might be. Personally I would refrain overly melodramatic stuff. It would be like a big NO NO for me.

When you're done with blurb and cover and have made up your mind for trying that book out. You think to go and check the reviews. Now see if the reviews and what you felt is in sync or not. Personally I would advise to search for full reviews and refrain from considering some random one word or sentence publicities.

While searching for reviews if you know someone whose thinking matches yours then without any doubt check what they think about it. Else first search reviews for a book which you've already read. In this manner it'll be easier to check if the reviews can be trusted or not. As both reviewers and readers are humans and humans are unique there are chances you feel that the popular reviewer is not posting correct views, but well that's his/her POV and it need not be same for all.

Once you find a reviewer that you feel is good for you then you can check if he/she has reviewed the thing you're buying. If not then dude! Stop overthinking and just try it out. WHY SO CONFUSED?

You're not gonna lose or gain the world if you would buy or won't buy a book. As simple as that.
Keep it simple Keep it easy
So folks, that's all for now. I hope you enjoy reading this and do follow me on socials for the updates. 
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