Hayden Mackay & The Forgotten Kingdom - A Wattpad Book Review

Title: Hayden Mackay  & the Forgotten Kingdom.

Author: Jyothi ( @jyothi89 )

Genre / Style / Subgenre: Fantasy/ 1st & 3rd person mix / Action

Tags Used: Action, Adventure, Fiction, Projectfriendzone, Folk, Friendship, Indian, Suspense, Violence, Young Adult.

Review: Hayden Mackay is a young American teen with Indian roots. His life is normal until he loses his parents in a road mishap.

After which a series of events turn the state of the situations completely as a weird stone starts following him everywhere. Also a boy, quite similar of his age starts stalking him, he observes him from a distance and keeps smiling whenever the protaginst notices him.

The story takes twists and turns when Hayden Mackay accidentally burns a hound with his bare hands which was on a rampage.

This is a story of friendship , adventure and supernatural powers making it an interesting read.

Critique: The concept of the story isn't flaunted very well with the blurbs and cover as both need some serious remakes.

Speaking of writing, the author as ensured to make the least of the writing errands and grammar knick-knacks. The language flows smooth and is very well written.

As coming to the plot, the plot and concept idea of the story is really interesting. But the story is snail paced and you need to have lot of patience to see some real action.

The story doesn't take place in any other world but the events are most of the times taking place away from the most human interventions. It gives away a feel of another world and not being some other world actually.

The events takes place in present and kinda reminds me of Harry Potter plot.

The plot sequence is really good until and unless you've the patience to go through it all along as the writer plans a book series. This is the first book in the series and there are a total 3 books uploaded on Wattpad as of now.

Personally I feel it's one of those undiscovered gems which need a Spotlight as this story has some real original plot and might leave you with a happy experience of reading the next book.

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