How to Tweak your WiFi to get best speeds.

Internet is one of the wonderful things that can happen to you in 21st century. A fast and unlimited Internet connection is no less than a heaven on earth. But at the same time a snail-paced internet can drive you nuts. Don't believe me there are like gazillions of memes about it.

Well to avoid snail paced internet speeds we always take care to pay and subscribe to best plans that suit our needs. But there are times when it happens that we aren't still getting the speed that we should. There are a lot of reasons that can slow down your WiFi speeds. You can find all that reasons all over the internet. Here I am not gonna fuss and waste time upon all the issues, instead I am gonna give some really handy solutions that I've tried myself.

Try all this at your OWN RISK

WiFi routers come in lot of kinds and all techy stuff. But to keep it simplified for even the ones who aren't techy These are a few simple tips and tricks that you can do to literally double the speed and range of your WiFi Routers ( which was in my case )

If you have an android device you can download an app from the playstore named WiFi Analyser and install it to check the status of your WiFi router signals at your place. This will give you a brief Idea about the signal strength and number of WiFi connections available in your surroundings.

A lot of these instructions aren't router specific as different routers have different options but you'll find all these options in all routers please look out for them.

Open your router admin settings and go to wireless settings. In the modern N based routers they have some default settings to ensure that the router supports even the most ancient device. If you don't own any of these ancient devices this can actually slow down the output of your router upto 50% or more.

In the wireless setting ensure that the wireless security settings are set to WPA2/WPA2-PSK and the Encryption is set to AES. Both of these are latest security methods that can help to increase the security of your connection along with improving your network status.

These settings actually reduce your support to the ancient devices, but it doesn't really matter as most of the latest devices ( from minimum 2005) support these settings. 

Second step is to change B/G/N mixed mode to N mode. This will increase the signal range and speed both as mixed settings is kept by default to ensure that the router supports most ancient devices, but unless you own one of those its of no use to you.

While you're changing these settings ensure that no other settings are harmed and always have the channel mode set to Auto as it will decide the best possible channels for your connection as you're not the only person in the surroundings who has a WiFi connection.

I hope this short and crisp little settings post help you out to increase your connection speed and range. If there's any mistake or error and you know the previous settings do revert them back or else call your ISP to reset the router for you.
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