Things I Find Funny In Cliche Genres

Stories have been our source of entertainment from an era that no one can remember. All of these have been classified into several genres making it easy for us to choose what kind of entertainment we might need.

But I have noticed many times that even after so many years some of the genres have remained so cliched and redundant that they have turned out to be funny instead and people have started to mix genres and created new genres to hide those mistakes.

So I thought about combining all those thoughts that were in my mind and write a small quirky little post about it.

Romance : Romance is one of the oldest and even the most cliched genres that have been existed right since the beginning of entertainment era. You might just think how romance can be cliched as we have been seeing a lot of stuff in romance now a days.

well clearing your doubts here are the things that I found weird -

There's always the same plot with no whatsoever new design. If you wanna make a romantic plot its like the same old recipe.

There's same old stuff having a boy and girl with opposite and contrasting qualities for both the characters like rich and poor, bold and shy, and stuff.

Then comes the scene where they both meet for the first time and every time its surprisingly same old boy and girl having eye contacts the surprisingly there's a magic and love sparks as if cupid was standing there waiting for both of them to have eye contact and install love software in them.

Then there's same old thing that one of the is desperate and chases the other one which is quite aware of the fact that the other one is nuts for them and still they choose to have ego and ignore them.

Next you come to a scene were there's a difficulty. It's like a game you can't power up without completing a challenge. Difficulty scenes may include things like misunderstandings, family issues, money issues etc...

And after like you complete a challenge successfully in a game there's a reward, same goes for your MC where the reward is his or her partner. The sequence of events might differ but you certainly will find these in any romantic story.

Horror : This is one of the most redundant and illogical genres according to me that is still the same as someone had invented it maybe eras ago.

There's same one thing where a bunch of people or a character going over to a haunted scene where there's always a new organism doing stupidest things ever that people think are scary.

The haunting organism shown in these movies are so powerful that they can make humans and even things fly. Maybe those organisms are some bad kids from Harry Potter's Plot whose mommies didn't allow them or taught them how to socialise with people.

At times I feel, if this organism wasn't stupid then this could be an awesome sci-fi movie and the people portrayed in the movie are either of too scientific or too superstitious.

Mystery/Thrillers : There are times when people often are confused between these two genres like they don't know whats should be a mystery and what should be a thrill factor in there.

Most of the times there's a murder mystery. Guys people aren't always curious to know who murdered whom or why a particular person was killed.

There's ought to be a scene where they goof it up making it a sequence where one person is killed- detective comes- difficulties in case investigation- finding killer - verdict on killer.

Most of the times mystery is mixed with either horror or sci-fi. If you wanted to make any of those genres then why did you choose mystery first of all?

Mystery is something that increases curiosity and surely doesn't meant that we start getting curious about other people's personal lives.

Science Fiction : Popularly known as Sci-Fi. Its one of the most cliched genres in line after Romance, and Horror.

Why you guys need to everytime to mess with biology or nature? Can't you think of something more interesting then messing with nature? Then why do you name it sci-fi name it messing with nature don't add science to it.

Every other science fiction been picked as one of the same things typically messing with nature. Science is just a hell lot more then messing with nature.

There are the same things like some aliens dropping from other planets, whereas even NASA is unable to find living beings on mars or a bunch of people who start experimenting on some stuff which was nonsensical for other but then creates a new discovery which is extremely harmful for others.

Fantasy : Fantasy I feel is somewhat cliched but has seen most improvements so its the last genre in my list.

If you randomly choose a fantasy movie, there's aught to be a magical cum intellectual sage type person who knows everything and can do nothing himself so he needs someone else do the work for him.

I feel this as a insult of all intellects honestly. Most of the times its an old sage or sometimes it might be some other organism. You'll always find a MC which knows nothing, A intellectual and a bunch of honestly useless cast with MC that does nothing but add to difficulties of MC. At times you might find a lover who is again typically a emotional fool and useless again to be honest.

Half of the time while going through these genres I can see surely lack of ideas and nothing but messy plots which were poorly designed by some  people who clearly have no knowledge about these genres.

Though there are many stories which have awesome plots like if I talk about Fast and Furious, Transformers, Avengers, Harry Potter,  Iron Man, Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey. These are a few stories which I personally feel that have something more than cliched same old plots and the creators have really worked on the plots.

If you liked and enjoyed this post don't forget to share it and comment so I can know what you think about cliched genres. I am coming up with another post where I'll guide you how to go about making a really great plot.
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