How to plot an awesome story

Once you have made up your mind that you are going to write a book the very next thing that comes to your mind is what should I write about.

Many time it might have happened that you start writing a book and might have even reached the half way and you just come to know that your plot idea is really boring or someone just has wrote the very same story in much more interesting way.

One of the few most important things that you need to take care about before writing a story is designing a good plot.

A good plot is like a blue print of your story, where you know what the story is going to be before writing it out or you can say plotting it with ink on a paper. I might say it as designing your own creative world where everything happens what you think of.

So here I am presenting you some of the important tips that you need to take care of while creating or designing a plot for your story.

1. First you need to choose a genre before you think about a story line or you can do vice-versa if you already have a story in your mind.

2. Once you have decided a genre you need to think about the things or the sequences of events that you need in your story.

3. If you already had a story in your mind you could skip that point and directly think about the characters that you might need in your story.

4. Always remember to keep a few blank spaces in plot so that you can make changes when you feel like as you get to write the story.

5. Choose the amount of characters only as much as you need. Pull only those characters into highlights that are needed. Don't over do with the characters, that might look like chaos and very difficult for readers as well as you to remember who's what.

6. Ensure that you have at least one Main Character (MC), you can have more than one which totally depends on the type of your story but its advisable to limit the main characters to max 3 or 4.

7. Once you're done with the characters choose the time in which your story exists along with the place you want it to happen.

8. Once you are done with all the points above you can start now plotting the characters according to sequences in your story that are going to happen.

9. Always remember to provide the information only as much as its needed according to your plot. Avoid information dump as far as possible.

10. If you're story has a character's past don't overdo with the past, just keep it as much as its needed and let the story flow.

11. Write down all the things that you think are god enough to start with and finalise your story plot.

12. Ensure that you have realistic characters and they don't end up looking same in your story.

13. To avoid generalisation of the characters you need to research about the time, era and type of personality that you're going to develop for your characters.

14. While developing personalities for characters ensure that it goes with your genre and story. Dont make a badass character type a hero in your story. I know its you're story you wanna do it how you want but that certainly won't be keeping up while writing and readers as well.

15. Don't ever forget to play with the characters as much as you want and even with the plot and timezone. Be as creative and realistic with your plot as much as you can. Bring it out into reality. You can always do some character sketches and stuff to get a proper idea of your characters and scenes.

16. Last and the most important thing is choosing a POV to write from. You'll find many articles over internet that'll guide you to choose a POV but always keep in mind to choose a POV that suits your story. After all you're the writer and choose one you need and just let your creativity flow.

if hope these points will help you out to plan out a good story and if you like these don't forget to share the post and follow me on socials for further updates.
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