What makes me put your book down - From a POV of Book Critique

There are several articles on how to write a book and how to go about planning and creating a book. But still, it happens that people most of the times either don't choose your story or just leave it halfway.

There are several things to be considered and accomplished while creating and planning a good story. You take a lot of efforts to shape and outline your creative world that was residing inside your mind on to paper. But what drives people off from your book?

In this article I have discussed most of the points apart from just plain grammar or language that turns away any reader from your book.

I have read many published books and even have reviewed a lot of Wattpad books, where I mostly send them a personal message with the points and a detailed review of where to and how to improve as many of them get demotivated when those points are brought out in public.

There are cases where I just read not more than a para and turn off the book. Here are a few points that specifically drives me off from a book.

1) Cliche Plot

It's one of those things that restricts me from even choosing a book forget opening and looking into it. If you're writing a cliche then make sure your story really has some interesting ups and downs or maybe some thrills.

Most of the times I found same old typical Bad Boy- Good Girl plots or CEO/Billionaire-introvert girl plots. Why everyone needs to portray girl as a weakling? I didn't understand why you need to portray any sex as weak or bad or anything?

2) Improper Blurb :

There are a lot of people who actually don't really either know what a blurb means or what's need for a blurb. In most of the cases where I had reviewed, there were same old points in the blurb that you will find in every other story.

I don't need an explanation for why you have chosen this genre because I know you're writing a Romance/Teen Ficton/Mystery/Sci-Fi/etc

You need to highlight why your story is different from others. Introduce your characters, give some idea about the plot, scene or the location and at the same time don't tell the whole story in the blurb itself.

Genres like Romance and Teen Fiction mostly have extremely similar blurbs. You need to show why your story is worth a read.

3) Plot-holes :

Well I know the word 'Plot-holes' have no existence but you might have understood what I meant by that. The plot isn't designed properly and there are huge gaps in story sequences. Sometimes while reading I wonder "Now where did this come from?" then I scroll up and down a few chapters and try to figure out if I had missed anything and most of the times I find no information regarding it.

4) Extensive Stretching :

The word itself says a lot. There are many plots where even the minutest things are stretched into pages long chapter. I had reviewed a book where only a single scene had taken over a huge chapter somewhere around 8K words and If I personally would have edited it then the chapter would hardly come around 2-3K words. Don't unnecessarily stretch the things. Details are needed for better imagination and understanding of the plot, but over detailing makes the plot bore. Either it makes reader skip the chapter or put the book down and never look at it again.

5) No background :

This was one of the most ridiculous things I had seen, Like you want me to imagine and put my own background for your story? It's a complete opposite of the point above. Make sure you have enough descriptions about your plot background that suffices reader's curiosity.

6) Depressive Plots :

If there's nothing but only depression in more than half or even in half of your book then its a complete turn off. I would never read even a paragraph ahead after that. No one needs to read a depressive book that turns off the reader's mood. Depressive scenes can be placed but it shouldn't take over your whole book. Look at the overall feel of the book and make sure that it isn't depressive.

7)  Improper Genre :

Choosing a perfect genre for your story is one of the most important things that you need to do. For example, there are many cases where people have placed their Romance books in Mystery genre as It has a element of mystery to it. If the mystery has a significant role in your story than you can add it as a sub-genre.

You need to let your book through beta-reading or even discuss your plot with someone who knows more about writing and take their help to classify your book in an appropriate genre.

So there were a few points that specifically drives me off from any book. If you like this article then don't forget to share it with your friends.
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  1. Bad grammar and punctuation is a big turn off for me when I read a book. I liked your article and have similar views.


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