How to get out of writer's block

There will be times when you are desperately trying to write something but there are scenes in your mind but you are just unable to pen them down into words. Many of you call it as writer's block or some people call it writer's block when you're stuck upon a scene in your story and can't think about what to write ahead.

There are several remedies and honestly some of them are really weird that you can find all over the internet. Internet is after all the biggest source of information right? Out of the frustration then you might start searching for all sorts of tips and tricks to get out of the writer's block. Many of you may go beyond certain limits with those stupid tips that you think will work. But if you ask me, Honestly they don't do a thing.

There can be endless arguments about this topic but here I am bringing you a few things that actually work. I don't you might even find them on Internet but these are some of the things that I have tried to get out of the writer's block as many of you might know I had been having these instances where I was unable to pen down the scenes which were already in my mind and I really didn't knew how that could happen?

Here are steps that I would suggest and not recommend as people have different tastes and choices. These surely will get you out of your block

1) Just leave your book aside.

This will help you tremendously whether you believe me or not. For once just stop thinking about the book, like it doesn't exist.

2) Do everything apart from writing and reading.

Once you have kept your manuscript aside which you were working on, don't jump on reading. Just stay away from text for a few days. Do anything that involves least of typing or reading or anything that reminds you that you have to write a book.

3) Go on a holiday or an adventure

I know many of you think that I have gone nuts that's why I am asking you to leave your book aside and do nothing but absolutely nothing. But trust me this helps. I'll tell you how at the end of this post.

4) Think about the life which you have to live when you are not a writer.

When you finally on holiday, just don't start thinking about anything. Leave that writer personality behind you. Even if you just think to have a walk out and aren't going on holiday, just forget that you're a writer. Think about everything else you would be doing if you weren't writing a book.

5) Discover the real you.

Once you find yourself, the self which is not a writer, just enjoy being that self. You might be a Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother, Employee etc... enjoy other roles of your real life.

Once you have tried all this and you feel like you finally have discovered the lost you. You can now go back to your book and start writing. You automatically find writing as a pleasure and words will start flowing down from your minds on to paper.

Now if any of you are interested in how this works I'll tell you. Before telling why this works I would like to make it clear that people have varied tastes and choices differ from person to person but there are some points in the human psychic that are same for each one of us and you can skip this part if you feel the points above aren't going to work.

Think that like the characters of the book are inside your mind, your real life roles are also inside your mind. Each role of your real life is inside your head. The role of writer inside your too gets tired after working day and night over a manuscript when you don't give it a break. This results in choking of that personality giving you a gift which you guys term as 'writer's block'.

When you just forget for the time being that you're a writer and you start living other roles of your real life you start feeling better as you gain new experiences and also giving the writer inside you a rest.

When you get back from your rest, the writer inside you is fresh again to work for you. This work not only for writers but for everything and every single profession. Monotonously doing a thing or a set of things make you hate those things. Take some break enjoy other roles of your life and you will certainly feel much better. Also the work performance will be enhanced when you get back with a new spirit.

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