How to attract readers and get more reads - From POV of an Avid Reader

Wattpad is an awesome place to create and share your imaginary world into awesomely dwindled stories. As a writer you may go through hundreds of posts over internet, consider a lot of writing tips and what not. But sometimes your book isn't getting the attention you think it should be getting.

There are several reasons why reader just ducks your book aside and never reads it again or might just read but never recommend it to anyone else. In the previous post ' What makes me put your book down - From a POV of Book Critique ' I had mentioned the points which you need to take care of while writing a book which were from a POV of a Book Critique or an Expert.

Here I am going to talk about Reader's POV

It happens many times that some books having not so good ratings by the critics are loved by audience. For example the famous "Fifty shades of Grey" Or the books of the Indian Best-Seller Author "Chetan Bhagat" . There are a few areas which need to be covered while considering the point of audience as well.

So here are a few points that you need to take care of while writing a book you get the amount of reads that your book really is worth of.

1) Choose the Audience

This is extremely important step to be kept in mind while writing the book. At times writers forget that they are writing a book to tell a story and convey the information to a set of audience. There are a lot of factors that decides how your book will perform and most of them depend on the kind of audience you choose.

Don't blindly start writing a Sci-Fi and expect it to reach millions of readers as Sci-Fi and Fantasy are the some of the genres which aren't generally being picked up from the shelf by first time readers. Some Genres are like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Thrillers, History and Mystery have very limited set of audience though its a regular and loyal type of audience.

Such books might get very limited amount of reads but the number is pretty much constant and sees very limited growth whereas the genres like Romance, Teen Fiction and Young Adult are the type of genres which have the most fluctuations but are generally opted by first time readers so there are a lot of chances to get new readers engrossed in your books. But readers in this genre aren't quite regular and there are chances of getting extremely high reads or even few reads or no reads as a worst nightmare, which all depends on the type of the world you create inside your book.

Factors like Age, Language, Culture etc too have an effect that has to be kept in mind.

2) Choose Appropriate Plot

This is the second most Important step when it comes to writing a book. After you choose your audience. Once you have made up your mind of writing a genre for a specific set of audience. Now its time for choosing a plot and creating a new world of imagination. Age of the audience here is most accounted factor along with the type of genre you wanna write your new story in. Make sure its not a Adult Romance in a Sci-Fi which you're aiming for Kids (Sarcasm).

3) Choose the Language

The level of language is also one of the most important factors when it comes to readers. Keep the thing in mind that you are writing a book for audience and not for yourself. Choose the level of language depending on your audience.

If you wanna cater to masses don't go over with your shakespearen language. We all know that you have awesome knowledge of words but if a reader needs to look at dictionary up to or more than 10 times while reading a few pages then there are rare chances of getting your book into mass reads. Your book might be well acknowledged by other writers and people who belong to literature background or people with a very good knowledge of literature though but won't go well with masses.

Usage new words is good which makes the text more attractive and fun to read but an over do of such words which already have simple and quite attractive meanings is useless to be very honest. That doesn't mean that you start writing using all the slangs and chatting languages in your story. A perfect balance is needed.

4) Working with Trends

Another little thing that should be taken care of while writing a book. Trends are also one of the few factors that influence the readers to choose your book. Generally Romance, Teen Fiction, and now even Young Adult are a kind of books which are always in trend but adding a bit of Romance in Sci-FI or Historical Fiction or Mystery won't spoil your plot.

You need to design a strong plot if you want to get mass reads. If you're writing a Rom-Com, Here Romance is just a Filler and Comedy is the thing you need to focus on. A filler is just like a your spine, it gives a kind of backbone to your plot. A filler acts like salt in food, perfect amount is needed so that your food tastes good. You need to Remember that Romance is only a filler.

While you're writing a purely Romantic fiction you need a another major factor that drives your story as Romance is just a filler, all it can provide is a back support but it won't drive your story ahead.

5) Book Promotions

Here comes the part which is like kind of important but sometimes its the only part a few Authors focus on. First you need to create a work that's worthy to be promoted and talked about. The promotions are only the secondary and helping hands. If your book is really good it will surely reach the masses as when people like something they are bound to talk about it.

All you need to do is keep them updated about your book's status and other stuff. Create an Author/Book page where your readers can connect with you, maintain a blog or a place over Internet where you share all the updates about your book and that's all when it comes to promotions. There's no need of intrusive adverts on pretty much all of the media that reaches to people. Remember
Work in Silence and let your Book speak

I know the quote is not the one that's used most of the times. That's all for now that you need to take care of about your books to get more reads. If you like the posts don't forget to share it with your fellow writers and you can follow on socials for all kinds of updates. I this information comes out handy while writing a new book. 
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