There are a lot of myths and rumours being spread around since the decision of demonetisation. Its sad to know many people don't know the actual matter and just keep spreading rumours around which not only affects the common masses but also creates panic around.

I won't be talking about the stuff that you already know. These are some of the facts that PIB India had shared on its twitter timeline. I hope with this you can tackle some of the rumours around you.


MYTH: #DeMonetisation of 100 and 50 rupee notes soon!

REALITY: No such intention!

2) MYTH: News of DeMonetisation was leaked! REALITY: Complete secrecy!

3) MYTH: Cost of DeMonetisation too high REALITY: Cost of black money is most to the common man

4) MYTH: People will find other means REALITY: Close watch, legislative changes to check black money

MYTH: Chips! REALITY: No chips!

6) MYTH: Poor quality, colour comes off! REALITY: Don't worry! Security feature!

7) MYTH: Next up - seal Bank lockers, freeze jewellery! REALITY: Baseless! No such proposal!

 I hope that this information turns out to be helpful for all of you. 
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