Currency Change - My opinions, thoughts and maybe rants.

Hey everyone, well honestly I had no intentions of even talking about this topic, forget about writing a whole blog post. But then I found some people who were enough educated to understand the situation and still were spreading panic around the social media. I don't know their intentions although.

I neither am interested in giving out reasons for why they might be doing this but a few credible sources of information are spreading panic across social medias and people are helping those articles get viral.

As per my G.K. I think rather than being redundant, adamant and not accepting the change gracefully we can just help the government in its initiative. It doesn't happen everyday when government calls out for help to the general mass. The most ridiculous about this is that the chaos spreading around the social media is via the people who don't even have appropriate knowledge, just forget about their credibility on the topic they are ranting and are spreading nothing but just panic around.

I don't think I am capable of judging the whole Indian government or the officials that are working hard to change and make the system better so I would refrain myself on talking about economic effects and other super duper terms that these lame guys with click baits are using around.

You think you're enough capable of judging the Government and understand the whole Indian Economy or the World Economy? Even if you really are and still you're spreading panic around in this sort of emergency crisis than I feel sorry for you.

Its not bad at all when you're letting out your views, you surely can without any issues but make sure you apply some sense and logic behind that. Just keep in mind whom you're asking questions, asking questions and doubting the decisions are two different things. Surely it is democracy and people have the right to decide and choose but don't bluff anything about the things you don't know. All I can do is request to stop panicking blindly and co-operate with the people who are working out to bring out the change in the system which were waiting for god knows since when.

I don't have any intentions to offend anybody. Sorry if you're in case but just don't blindly bluff and spread panic around that's a sincere request.
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