Tutorial - How to make a single cast cover

Hello everyone in this tutorial we'll be guiding you around with some simple and easy steps to make a simple book cover.

Requirements : photo editing apps, you can use any but here we have used phonto and picsart, both of them are freely available in app stores. If you have knowledge about image editing you can even use snapseed for achieving pro level effects.


Step One : Choose a background Image

Choose any image of your choice. Make sure it is in HD or even if it isn't make sure that your book cover background doesn't look pixelated or blurred. You can search internet for stock photography or can use any copyright free images. Its better advised to choose no copyright images or any images that belong to any of the creative commons license or free for personal use. If you're planning to make it for something that's gonna earn money make sure you have appropriate consent to use it commercially. Image should be relatable to the story or concept of the theme you're going to keep in mind while designing a cover.

Step Two :  Apply the desired effects.

The effects may defer from different app to app. You can choose and apply your desired effects from the options available in your app. Make sure its not too of anything it should be enough bright, should have good contrast and sharpness. Don't overdo the effect. It'll be a disaster for cover. If the picture is good as it is for cover you wanna make there's no need for any effects. You can skip this step if you think your image is perfect for cover. Here we have used picsart for adding effects and making it a perfect cover size.

Step Three : Add the text and textual effects.

You can now add text using any good app, here we have used phonto for adding text to image. While adding text make sure you don't overdo the funky texts. A slight tinge from regular straight faced fonts surely look attractive but that won't be looking any professional or good either. Make sure that your text is visible even so that your title is visible even when someone scrolls through your lists. Authors name can be or should be smaller than the title. Make sure to place the texts in regions such that the overall feel of the cover is good. Make sure to keep texts such that it doesn't hide the background image as it might depict a story on itself. Use contrasting colours for the text, bold isn't necessary but might look good in some cases. Adjust the text and effects in a way that it is eye pleasing.

Step Four : Finalise the cover.

Now when you think the text and the other things are perfect you can now save the image. If you feel that you still need to adjust overall brightness and stuff in final cover. Use app and make sure it looks good according to you. At last when you're fully satisfied with your artwork publish it.

I do hope that this tutorial helps you out for designing beautiful covers.

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