Tutorial - How to make a Multi-cast cover

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In the previous article we taught you about making a simple or a unicast cover. Here we are getting a bit more complex. We are gonna use multiple pictures and this gonna get more complex.

Requirements : photo editing apps, you can use any but here we have used phonto and picsart, both of them are freely available in app stores. If you have knowledge about image editing you can even use snapseed for achieving pro level effects.


Step One : Choose a background Image and other images that you'll be needing for the cover.
Choose any image of your choice. Make sure it is in HD or even if it isn't make sure that your book cover background doesn't look pixelated or blurred. You can search internet for stock photography or can use any copyright free images. Its better advised to choose no copyright images or any images that belong to any of the creative commons license or free for personal use. If you're planning to make it for something that's gonna earn money make sure you have appropriate consent to use it commercially. Image should be relatable to the story or concept of the theme you're going to keep in mind while designing a cover.  Even for the cast as we said make sure choosing your character images appropriately you download and keep a lot of them. Incase you wish to change your mind. But for that you need finalise your cast before you start making a cover. You can even use portraits of famous celebs but make sure you aren't using it for monetary gains else that could land you in copyright issues.

Step Two :  Cut out the required Portions

Now you need to crop and edit out the parts that you'll need. Just open those images that you had downloaded previously into image editor app. Now just crop out the characters or the portions that you'll be needing and save them.  You can add effects to the parts before cropping so that they look attractive or funky. But as always avoid overdo.

Step Three :  Arrange the cropped parts.

Now as you are done with selecting and separating out your characters or the elements of your cover. You can now arrange them by opening app and creating a new template. Add the cropped parts to template and adjust their locations where you would like them to be on cover.

Step Four : Add the background image.

Now add the background image using the add background option. After adding the background you can also add effects to background to make sure it gives out the vibes that you want to be in a cover. As i had said in previous post don't over do the effects. Just make sure it looks pretty with the cast you've Chosen.

Step Five : Save the cover design

You're now half done with your super cool looking complex cover. Now export it or as in simpler terms save it with the resolution you want it to be. Well you can choose for maximum resolution for excellent results but that'll increase the image size. Though high wouldn't be that bad. But don't go for small. It'll detoriate  image quality. Choose any between high or maximum. I would opt for high as its best for a our needs for printing or other purposes you can choose maximum.

Step Six : Add text to image

It's one of the most important aspects of cover designing. You can now add text using any good app, here we have used phonto for adding text to image. While adding text make sure you don't overdo the funky texts. A slight tinge from regular straight faced fonts surely look attractive but that won't be looking any professional or good either. Make sure that your text is visible even so that your title is visible even when someone scrolls through your lists. Authors name can be or should be smaller than the title. Make sure to place the texts in regions such that the overall feel of the cover is good. Make sure to keep texts such that it doesn't hide the background image as it might depict a story on itself. Use contrasting colours for the text, bold isn't necessary but might look good in some cases. Adjust the text and effects in a way that it is eye pleasing.

Step Seven : Publish your final cover.

When you're done with the texts and other stuff. Make sure that the cover overall feels good. You can edit it again to ensure factors like brightness, contrast, sharpness etc. Apply effects till you're satisfied with your output and make sure you don't over do it. When you feel satisfied with your artwork its ready for publishing.

I hope that this helps you out to design your own complex multicast covers.

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