Saturday, 28 May 2016

Living in Dreams

Hi fellas,
               Everyone dreams a lot, some at night, some in broad daylight while some are living in their dreams. The World Wide Web is filled with loads of content about dreams. But have you ever thought of living in a dream?
               We dream and wish a lot, some wish for a million bucks in their bank accounts whilst some wish for success. In reality how many of us have started to work toward our dream goals? Umm maybe a few I guess? Well after watching a zillion movies and reading a billion books all of us can come to a conclusion that success is a ‘myth’. There’s nothing termed as Success. Yup! In reality we’re striving hard to find something called success which doesn’t even exist in real life. Dreaming about success, talking about millions and billions, talking and following celebs, well if you ask all the successful people all they say is, “I just tried to be myself”. Yes be yourself, don’t be a copy.
               While I was searching for mentors and successful people, I found one beside me. I don’t know why I didn’t recognize him sooner? Well I’m talking about my cousin. We all have some sympathy for the ones who aren’t physically abled as we are. We might care about them, maybe give them monetary or emotional support but this guy and his team has tried to ease the life of the physically challenged a bit. Talking about transport facilities for Handicaps, Most of the time they need someone if they wish to travel around especially in cars. I know you might have thought about transformations, changing the world or starting a new trend. Well this guy instead of just talking and dreaming big just created something big. While the invention might not be that great but in reality it’s the effort that counts. All the big things started small. So in case you’re inquisitive about the invention, I’ll tell you.
               So these guys have created a four-wheeler vehicle and it’s named as “HANDICA 150”. You can check out this YouTube video I’m embedding below.
               So wherever you’re whatever you’re doing, if you want to do something just do it.
Thanks for reading,

Dhawal Joshi.
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