Take my advice i don't use it anyway

Hey buddies!

              Well sorry for posting so late, I know I’m taking long to post articles. Have you ever come across an advice expert? Someone who constantly gives out advice to everyone? An Advice is something that mostly comes for free. We everyday come across people who are always eager to shell out all sorts of advices ranging from some personal DIY hacks, relationship advice, professional advice and career guidance, etc.
            Free advices are the biggest scams ever, after end of schooling years many of us are completely clueless about the career path we're to choose. Most of us ask our friends, family, relatives, neighbors or maybe someone who you assume to be on a successful career path. Many of young minds fall for traps and land up joining courses and things completely different from where their real talent lies.
         You might find several blogs, videos, quotes and what not giving out free advice. It's not necessary that every advice you find on internet or your neighbor tells you are accurate. They may misguide you. I have seen cases of people believing in incorrect information from all over the random sources and landing in mess.

          There are apps and software developed who suggest tips for a good relationship or try to calculate your love percentages. Many of us go for these things and find up ourselves in some awkward situations. Friends prove out to be our greatest advisors anytime. At times they don’t even know enough about our problems still their advices are ready for us.

          In a nutshell all I wanna say is don’t follow the advices blindly. There are people out there in the world who don’t know about the problem you are in and still hoax about their knowledge in that subject and cook up some advices for you. Many times people do such things to gain attention or to prove their wisdom or even due to the pressure from others. The Kind of people who don't follow the thought of 'preach what you practice'. Try looking for second opinions always from the person with the different point of view. You might never know what you may end up with, ‘Future always surprises’. With this I signoff for this time

Thanks for reading,
Dhawal Joshi

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