Blogging 101 For Starters…or everyone, really.

Hey there! I’m Mia Zephyr – A creative & glitter-obsessed soul.
I am 23 and a full time artist from Saxony, Germany. Whenever I’m not busy creating art, I read, write, take photos, … the list is endless.
 I still like to spend my time in the most creative ways possible.
I love life and want to see & learn as much as possible. If you’d like to experience the world with me, grab a coffee and come along!

Most of us peeps roaming through the depths of the blogging world are kind of strange and needy.
Sooner or later, we all want to be adored by a loyal audience and dance through our house or apartment whenever we see that we gained a new (and therefore deeply loved) follower. I’ve heard of that rare species of bloggers who run a blog just for fun, but there’s still us: The ones who want some sort of approval.
Come on, you have to admit that nothing is better than publishing a new post, knowing that hundreds, thousands, even millions (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) read what you have to say. Oh just wait until they tell you that they actually like your gibberish. Now that’s a reason to throw a party.

In my perfect little dream world, everyone who takes a look at my blog likes it and decides to visit regularly. Sometimes they would share some of my posts, comment on them, tell others to check out “What that Mia girl has got to say”. Unfortunately, the real world is far from perfect.
If you’re like me, or one of us (aka people who take their blog seriously), I’ve got a little starter kit for you on how to start blogging and doing it right from the very beginning.

Some blog designs are easier to… let’s say, handle than others. The trick is to have a simple blog design that looks interesting by having the right details. Does that make sense?
You have to make sure that it looks professional and organized. This will help your reader to not become utterly confused.
You want to make sure that your posts are easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will expand your audience and bring more opportunities in the long run. If one of your posts is particularly long, be brave and put it under a ‘read more’ – segment, if you can. You don’t want your blog to consist of nothing but words. Which leads me to the following…

Have you ever been attracted to a computer screen with nothing but words on it? Yeah, didn’t think so.
Your text might be an absolute masterpiece, but only a few readers will actually take the time and dig through 800 – something words. This is why it’s important to put some pictures and / or videos in it.
By the way, please don’t use these stupid and unoriginal stock photos. You have a camera, right? A phone? Why don’t you go outside and take your own photos? You can definitely use them in your blog posts. Taking your own photos is fun and way more original than using something you found on the Google image search. If you really have to use them, give credit.

I should have put this on the very top, since it’s actually the most important thing. Choose a blogging style that represents you as a person. You can also use that strategy for your blog design. If you decide to entertain your audience with humor and sarcasm, you will have to do your best to keep them laughing and smiling whenever they look at your blog. You want them to come back, remember? Keep in mind that your reader’s friends and family will hear about your blog. (Let’s hope they will.) So if you planned to become a blogging comedian, be sure that it’s not an easy task. …If you truly are a blogging comedian, post your link down below. ;)

By making a few changes here and there, you will be able to attract more readers, likes, comments and probably earn some new followers. Soon enough you’ll be the one dancing through your home far more often than ever before.

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