Behind the Chat window

Hi guys,
               We Chat a lot everyday, by chatting here i refer to the "Text-messaging". We just text a lot and to everyone. we just blurt out the important  information to what we had in dinner or are doing now to the person in the opposite who is reading and replying to your messages.

               This chat window is the most mysterious thing i have ever seen. well you can compare it to the pandora's box, yeah i know it sounds hypothetical but that's the reality. we text someone assuming the person we are sending the message will read it. But who knows someone else might have an eye on the message too.
               Some of you might be thinking why did I compare the chat window to the pandora's box right? well several times there are cases that people whom you assume to read your messages do not even get a chance to glance at them or there's someone else who is  monitoring the chats and sending out replies. In some love stories the couple meet one some online site, start chatting and then fall for each other. this is a common and presumed sequence that follows. But are you sure the girl you're texting is a girl? or it's her bestie who's replying to you on her behalf? same goes with the guys as well. we never can be assured about the person opposite. At times this happens you text someone you see everyday but when you talk them about the message you had sent them last night,they don't remember it. You might think then who was replying to all that texts? With all this mystery we never can be sure who's behind that Screen.
             Cyber Security guys warn us a lot of times to be sure about the person whom we're texting all the stuff be it casual rants or some important information. So whenever you're chatting be sure to whom you are chatting. the real person or someone else hiding behind the profile.
This post was a recommendation from someone who was once a victim of this pandora's box.  Be sure whom you're texting at times you never know someone else might share your secret with you :)

Thanks for reading,
Dhawal Joshi :)
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