Valentines Day Special

hi guys!
              From the past few days of week, you'll were celebrating different kinds of days like Hug day, Kiss day, Propose day , and after all this today the most awaited day of the month the valentines day. Many of the singles might consider this day as a great opportunity for expressing their feelings. We have seen in movies and even read in almost every next novel about the lead character proposing on the day or in valentines week.

               In movies that the hero expresses the feelings, and in some cases the couple shares the same feelings towards each other. But the problem arises as the girl is already committed to some other guy, tired of waiting for our hero's proposal, then the guy has to sacrifice for our lead couple in story and the story gets its happy ending. Many times in movies its the marriage scene and the girl/guy happily runs towards our hero/heroine in the story. Now keeping all this aside think of that person, the guy/girl who sacrifices his/her feelings for the partner. Think in real life how many of you would do this? would you let you 'to be' a partner go to the one he/she really loves? In romance stories we always think of lead characters and wish to represent them in real life but most of the times we land up in the role of the person who has to sacrifice his love to let the other couple live happy.
            All along this week you might been receiving messages on definitions of love. Love can't be defined in few words or sentences. It isn't a mathematical or logical formula that can be checked through the checklist by considering some special treatment they give us. People online search for the signs that their other one likes them or not. Send their lovable cards, chocolates, gifts and what not. love isn't materialistic.Though its said that there's true love when we think of happiness of the person whom we love. No matter rather the person is with us or not. love isn't something that could be claimed. My this post is a salutation to all the generous persons who had/have sacrificed their love for some other person's happiness. You might be a laughing stock for the cruel world outside, naming you different things but in real they aren't brave and generous as let go your feelings for someone to be happy.
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