Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Inside Writer's Social Network

hey guys,

            Well are you thinking about the title? Haven't heard of anything as such? hehe this term "writer's social network" was coined by one of my buddies. Well this isn't any kind of promotion. One of my buddies had uploaded her first book on a publishing platform called WATTPAD. Before I didn't knew about this, many of you might know. but really it felt like I'm on facebook made for just people who love to write.
There are a lot of friendly people on this network. All Book lovers. hehe you may call us Bookworms :P (No Offence). Many of them had published more than 3 to 4 works and were planning to put it on paper after their online success......
            I know many of you might feel why am I writing and posting about this? Well there are all kinds of people, some like reading, while some don't. there are many of us who regularly showcase our talent on social networks or within our friend circle. But there many who are excellent at this but still don't wanna come out. Maybe due to some fear. So this post was specifically to all those budding writers, it doesn't matter guys, whichever field you're in. Just write your heart out and show it up. You never know where the life takes you. At times my bestie says "Just try, Who knows you could be next Chetan Bhagat, ;) " But I wanna say that, You never know you can be first of your name too... and if successfull people out there had ever focused on failures then they wouldn't be here in front of us at this stage. so what's wrong with a try ?

Thanks for bearing me :P,
yours Dhawal  :)
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