Dealing with the expectations

hey guys,
                 We always expect a lot, almost from everyone,yeah even from strangers.if someone attractive passing by, we start our thought processes, expecting to see them again, or might a small tête-à-tête. Just got a bit lucky with something? might it be a game or just a simple bet and our expectations start to get lucky again.

                 Out of all the expectations, the ones I just wanna talk about is expectations when you're in love, a hopeless one-sided love or more accurately crushing on someone who you feel is a bit or more out of your league. are you crushing on someone? if so, then you can relate a lot to it. There are endless stupid things that are shown in movies and described in many stories. Some can be related to life of an average guy/gal but many can't be. Don't consider me out of the league. I was too once from the same league of teens, who had a hopeless crush on someone.
                 How we get feeling something about someone just randomly like this feels me like some unsolved mystery or might be some kind of magic. if you're gonna justify it then you might call it the work of new hormones raging in the body. creating a halo around someone, making them so attractive that you start relating them to angels on earth, well which they aren't. at times we get so carried away with all this stuff that we don't even realize how obsessed we get with them.
               Like every good story has a beautiful start, and a  meaningful end. there comes a time when everything feels like just crashing and feelings drowning away. you start feeling like a barren land. with no thoughts in your mind and getting restless about something but can't know why? suddenly we start feeling that world's at end. but alas it isn't when you see that person which once you dreamed about day and night again, it doesn't give that crazy feels once again rather it leads you into anger, depression and sadness.
                 you might start thinking, how a big idiot you were once and how that thoughts entered your mind. but alas once again clueless. doesn't it feel like some magic or mystery?? whatever it might be crushes are still best part of being single. without being into any relationships, any breakup issues, screwing up yourself and making a mess outta your lives, you can just like an idiot look at your crush and have hopeless dreams and enjoy all the fantasy in your mind and just walk away with time that there was nothing. leaving no trails behind just like walking on a beach where foot trails just stay as long as the waves don't wash them away.....with this i hope you enjoyed reading this and while reading i guess you might had pictured your crush in your mind at least once. haha doesn't matter it happens all part of life nothing to panic about. so guys enjoy fun parts of life and  happy crushing....  :P

thanks for reading,

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