Friendship V/S Relationship.........The Teeny Love

hey guys!!
                       This post is for you guys, after the Friendship V/S Relationship post there were many requests for writing another post on this topic. So guys I,m back again with this topic,but with slight twist hope you enjoy reading this too.
                Teeny Love, a fever that's almost on every teen's mind. Irrespective of either being single or in a relationship, one thing that almost every teen has in mind is love. Just like in the previous post Just a friend or something else? , at times you might have come across a situation where your best friend thinks that you are more than friend for him/her.  And wild thoughts start occupying your mind.Finally you come to a point thinking to reply in affirmation or..........umm something else.

               Most of the times people can't handle is the expectations, whosoever it may be. they start thinking about their actions, and how the opposite person will react to it, churning and thinking out all the possible reactions & later start worrying about them. there will be thoughts in your mind like," What will he/she think if i reply in affirmation","What will he/she think if i say no"," what should i do?", " If say no will i lose him/her?", " will there be same bond even after yes/no ",etc...
              Over thinking results in tension, depression and over imaginations of situations that are never going to happen. Once this thought comes in mind that someone likes you or is attracted towards you, we start thinking towards the person who loves us in a completely different manner. Personally i think it's good that someone likes you, or vice versa, but relationships aren't a stuff for teenage, this stuffs require a level of maturity that most of us don't have at that teensy age. Those fancy stuffs from movies for once may let us believe some attractive and imaginative stuffs. But When it comes to real world, it means a lot different things. there are of responsibilities, expectations, from them as well as family and world outside. Most of the time fail we  to suffice those and then start getting depressed and get demotivated. The expected sweet after effects that you had visualized start getting blur, and you feel that you are deceived. but is that so?
               Some times we just over expect and over imagine stuffs that later on let us to either demotivation or depression. Guys teenage is the first step in the world outside. where we start into planning our carriers, making new friends, socializing. learning and showing the talent out to the world. Don't you think we would lose all this getting into demotivation and depressions? Let destiny handle the plans and you enjoy the life. Time will get to you all things at right time and place. So instead of searching love partners at this petty age shouldn't we enjoy our lives to fullest. live upto the responsibilities and expectations that we already have to fulfill. with this try thinking on this and do let me know what are your views.

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  1. I'm sorry but I disagree. Teenage is the time wen we learn the most and "Love" is also an experience, a lesson to be learnt if not handled properly. If you have such a rigid mindset about love then I'm sorry to say you have a binary outlook towards life; it's Mosaic. See it like that.


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