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Greetings Fellas,
                             First of all thank you so much guys for all your love that you showered through your feedback. Sure I'll get to the stuff you wanna read and will consider the points you'll stated. Apologies for not posting for a long time.
              Life is a Roller coaster & Love is everywhere,where you can be anti-romantic for a moment but can't run from this wonderful feeling ever. While travelling which each one of us does as a part of our routine, to and fro from either workplaces or schools or colleges, etc.... We can find lots of interesting stuff going around us if we keep our eyes and ears open. A few days back, in train a group of college students, were discussing about some new novel possibly would be a love story, hearing their discussion gave me idea to write up this post.

              Many of us are confused between these"love","attraction","infatuation","crush". so i just randomly asked differences between all of these One of my buddies, Kritika came up with the most beautiful answers.

LOVE- The feeling that makes you do anything for your lover!! The feel of that unconditional strong support from him/ her

CRUSH- The feeling similar to love, but mostly one sided which lasts for a few days,weeks or months.

ATTRACTION- The Instantaneous feeling of adoration for someone for a limited time due some of their features like eyes, smile, hair, etc...

INFATUATION- The feeling that is somewhat similar to attraction, but this one is rather for a longer period of time and isn't instantaneous.

              Some of you might be thinking, why am I defining all of these?? haha No I ain't defining any of these. Its just that we are so confused about this. Out of the friends I asked this question,they were the ones who claimed to know much about love, failed to answer this, but someone randomly came up with the most beautiful answer. Guys love can't be defined, is unconditional, its feeling to be cherished not to be captured or possessed. Most of time we hear someone saying, 'I have a huge crush on him/her','I get butterflies in stomach when i see him/her' etc.... so what is it? attraction, infatuation, crush or love?? think. so next time you come across any such feeling get yourself straight what is it? signing off for now.
Thank You so much for reading,
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