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Hi everyone,
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                       Now seriously tell me how many of you read above note?? umm almost 8/10 readers must have read the full content right?? and many of you might even have labelled me as a like gatherer or a attention seeker?? right........ so here's the thing to which i wanna drive your attention, JUDGEMENTS.

                        Right from the time we wake up from the sweet night long sleep on the bed, till we sleep again and some might even in dreams!!! are running their judgmental clocks 24/7, judging every single thing around, right from the way you wake up or how the tea/coffee is, or how you look early in morning. I mostly compare human brain with a extremely powerful supercomputer, don't you think it is a supercomputer?? getting back to topic, so we judge almost everything be it any materialistic thing or a situation or a person, its an inborn ability which helps us every now and then to make correct decisions.

                         and i am sure your minds are still busy judging me even now, what i'm talking about, so steering to clarity, the thing i wanna say i the judgment making capacity, it helps us how to behave or act at situations, places or with specific persons in certain environment. but at times we make wrong judgements, many a times it happens, we judge someone wrong based on any kind of first impression. and these judgements ruin every relation, yes every single relation, may it be a buisness relation, may it be personal. some of you'll say that then without having an idea about the person, or situation how can we react or give our response accurately,right?? for that i mean to say that is sometimes not judging helps a lot, as even sometimes supercomputers perform calculation errors. you can't be right everytime. i have heard this from many people while gossiping ( so sorry, to have an ear on your talks, but couldn't help it, as you were discussing it so loudly, just kidding , there's nothing as such :P ) "he/she has so much attitude, couldn't he/she smile back, whats wrong with him/her, can't they reply a smile", or may be it this "i sent her HI so many times but she didn't replied after reading she just ignored, she thinks she's some kind of super model?? has a lot of attitude" and many more..

                       so the thing i wanna say is that no one can judge a person on just a first look, so at this many concepts like"LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT", "INTERVIEWS" and many such other things may fail, as the everyone of us acts differently on different situations, and situations like above can be easily planned out, so without knowing a person how can you pass your judgements for anyone?? who gave you the right?? and if someone wakes up late and sleeps late, is that gonna affect you?? if someone wears different kind of clothes (in sensible manner atleast) who are you to judge 'em?? is someone doesn't talk to you there can be many reasons, like maybe they are shy, they are not comfortable the language you converse in, or maybe they don't like your idea about the world. none of it can be classified as showing attitude. so at times isn't it better to give our huge judgemental clocks a rest and live the situations as they are, because everything in excess is always harmful.

                     whenever situations come in your life where you don't get how to react, then just give your supercomputers a rest and restart them again after sometime hehe maybe you get the solution to your problem.....think on it.........

tysm for reading,
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