In the Prison of Mind

hello everyone!!,
                             So I'm back again with another angle to view the world. a few days ago i had posted a post "It's not easy being a GUY", so this one for all daddy's princesses out there hehe :P :)......Just kidding, yeah but through this post i want convey a message to everyone out there, hope you get that till end of article :P........... but on a serious note this post i wanna dedicate to all my female friends out there.......

                                   So are you thinking I'm gonna right about some sort of topic related to women's rights or topics related to feminism and other things like that??.........if you are thinking this than sorry to ruin your expectations out there. this post upto some extent is for all of us. Yesterday me and my best friend were playing a game on chat.......yeah it's something new, but its interesting and she had got idea of playing such game. The game is named situation game, one person gives other a situation where other has to answer how would they react to that situation. so we were playing and the game was interesting enough for not losing interest. so it was my turn and i asked her this question,

"suppose you were made a guy for a day, what would you do?"

                         And the reply shocked me, yeah it wasn't something big in reply but after reading the reply a thought appeared in my mind, and thus i made a note to blog about this. And yeah i'll tell you the reply, you'll find it in post soon.

                       You know our mind is so strong and our thoughts are so powerful that it can affect someone even miles or maybe lightyears apart. the biggest restrictions that someone poses ever to us is our mind, to be precise our thoughts. how you think affects a lot of stuff around you. because thoughts get converted to action and our actions have impact on surroundings. I'm not in a mood to give a lecture on motivation hehe......... And the reply that she gave to my question was this:-

"i would try all possible stuffs dat me as a gal r always restricted to."

                  some of you'll think I'm crazy, or maybe worse. but this reply struck a thought that when we are living in 21st century, where both sexes are considered equal this kind of thoughts still remain in our minds. many of you will have counter thoughts for this topic and do let them reach me, you can comment or mail me. According to me i don't think there's a thing that girls are not allowed to do or are restricted to, yeah there maybe some social taboos around the globe. but the world's changing and there's improvement every day. Girls are now engineers, pilots, police officers, even in armed forces.nothing restricts you all more than your thoughts.And yeah there are restrictions for guys too, but that's different thing that some of us find way out of them. its a matter of view point. all of your power lies in your thoughts, nothing binds you more than your thoughts.
               so whenever you think of restrictions, those all are in your mind. boost your self-esteem, but not ego, there's nothing that is labelled as a guy's work or a girl's work. both are equal out here. so whenever there's something that you think as restriction, think whether its a plot of your mind or really such restriction exists. And really i don't feel female as a weaker sex. none of sexes are strong or weak. so with this i'm signing off for now, hehe.....

tysm for reading :).
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