Awesome ways to kill a conversation

hello everyone,
                          Did you sensed sarcasm in title? All of us chat online on facebook, hangouts, whatsapp, and other such messengers. you might have taken contact of someone you like or wanna have conversation with but wanna make sure that they don't get bored of you or avoid you or on worse, block you. So here on a major part i will be talking on text conversation part, though some of it applies to face-to-face conversations and video chats too.

                           So here i have mentioned the ways that kill a healthy conversation. and may the opposite person lose interest in texting you.Basically these are the things that matter in any conversation.i.e.

                         (1) Choice of words.
                         (2) Use of appropriate tone
                         (3) Use of appropriate smileys/emoticons [ for text chats]
                         (4) Replying in Time
                         (5) Messaging in proportion.
                         (6) Knowing limits and where to stop.

(1) Choice of words:- when it comes to conversations, may it be online or face-to-face, choice of appropriate words matter a lot. whatever the language you may use make sure to use proper words with proper person. you don't need to get into much of manners, just be yourself, except for giving out rude or replies that hurt feelings.
               when it comes to choice of words avoid use of monosyllables. like "ohh","ok","k","hmm", etc..these kind of replies like "hmm", "k", show your lack of interest in conversation. if you are using such words make sure you add some things behind, like try changing topic if you don't like the previous topic but avoid giving monosyllabic replies.
               if you get engaged in some work, or are unable to reply, atleast use terms as"ttyl/ talk to you later", or "c ya later", "brb/ be right back", etc.... these are some of the ways that let you give a pause during a chat without giving the impression of being rude.

(2) Use of appropriate tone:- this thing applies on both text chats and in person conversations. use of proper tone matters in a conversation as much as choice of words. words are just like body in which life is added by an appropriate tone. or else it may happen that you meant something else and some other message is being conveyed to other person. avoid using sarcastic tone, as its observed over use of sarcastic tone makes one lose interest in a conversation.

(3) Use of appropriate smileys/emoticons:-  this is same as use of proper tone in a conversation. smileys are used to express emotions. use of smileys in text have effect on conversation.

(4) Replying in time:- giving reply in appropriate time leaves a lot of effect on a conversation. avoid replying after long time. like someone sent you "HI" and you reply back after hour or half hour even after being online. and if you can't reply just say that your busy up with some work. reading messages and replying in monosyllables and that to after long time. thats best combo you can try to make someone lose interest in talking to you.

(5) Messaging in proportion:- as long as i think i don't feel need to elaborate it much, make sure you don't over text someone, send messages in appropriate proportion. it should not look like someone's just ignoring messages and you still keep on texting them. flooding their inbox with messages.

(6)Knowing limits and where to stop:- i think this also itself explains everything, still know yout limits while conversing with anyone. know the difference between close conversation and just talking first time with someone you met. or talking to opposite gender, or a person elder to you. gauge the situation, mood and time and text.

                         i hope this helps you out to have a good conversation, i was about to write on some other topic but one of my close friend asked me on this topic, so i thought this might help out everyone so wrote up an article for this. hope you liked comment and share if you like this :)

tysm for reading :),
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