THE OMG Effect.....!!!!

hello everyone..!!!
              yeah you might be thinking what has gone wrong with my brain, but unfortunately everything is as good as it was before... :P. but yeah the "OMG" i'm referring here is the movie "OH MY GOD"........
              There are some movies that have made a significant impact on my life and the way how I see the world..........I might talk about them in my next post but here i wanna share some interesting things i found out,though sources for these facts were reliable enough(don't ask me about it, as i don't remember... :P).............So, back to topic, this movie has made a great impact on my life, some days ago i came across a page on web, while randomly scrolling through the web. and the facts on that page made me think that all of the religious customs that we think of are not a complete waste. Getting confused.....???? Let me Explain........

              So the scene is like after the movies like OMG and other such movies, my atheist belief got much stronger(Yeah i was a science kid right from childhood, judging and analysing and viewing everything from a scientific vision) i use to think if all such things like rituals, pujas, and all such stuff do work??? but then a thought would come to my mind that the elder people who made these customs were not crazy people, afterall their brains have made it possible, this morden era, where we enjoy all sorts of technology and facilities...... and yeah i got a new angle to view this customs and rituals and finally got some proper explanation for some of them :-

          (1) Throwing coins in rivers, lakes and other such water bodies and making wishes.
                 In olden days, the coins were used to be made of copper, bronze and other such metals, out of these mostly copper coins were used. And such coins when get into water bodies released ions, which helped to improve the digestion and overall health. as human body needs several kinds of ions, and thus their deficiency can lead to problems. but now coins are made of different kinds of alloys and whats use of them throwing in water bodies, unless some one collects them or maybe there will be a mine developed after some thousand years... :P

       (2) Women not allowed to move out during periods by some customs.
              While talking on this one I wanna make it clear that I'm not on any of gender bias. the reason I found out, the logical one is that, thinking about that era, there were no proper medical facilities available, temples and even most of villages were near to forests. considering the weak immunity and physical condition, allowing them to rest, and keeping them away from all kind of infections may be a reason, and most important one...........hehe it maybe not scientific but its logical enough. how many  moms get holidays???? this gave them a sort of weekend effect, but this too came with some shitty non-sense stuff.and majority of you know it very well.

      (3) Observing fasts, of several kinds. the reasoning for all i don't know but still majority has this reason.
            In majority of religions there are customs where different variety of fasts are observed. with different kinds of procedures,like in some fasts there is allowance to eat from a listed food items, in some only liquids, and in some nothing, not even water (Nirjala).
            these fasts help in some or the other way to maintain a good working of digestion system, and in short a healthy and fit body, as on daily basis we do or don't eat some stuffs that these fasts prescribe us and are certainly good for still with minor glitches may be the possible reason.

so guys, by not making all long and boring to read, i'm concluding it here, but at the end of all this i wanna say that, think before you act, every time. apply logic as these customs were extremely beneficial at the time they were made but now the time has changed and the laws and these things are facing a urgent need to change according to the lifestyle that we live in we need. but they are not at all bad to be thrown off and sort of ignored and banned.......

and the most important of all
TYSM....!!!, for reading this;
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