Scariest thing ever said "TRUST ME" :P :)

Hey buddies...!!!
                            In some posts ahead i might be talking about the factors that are extremely small but essential in our life. Sometimes we don't realise the presence of it but its absence is always regretted......and the first of it is "TRUST"
                            leaving all other thoughts aside from your mind, just think if ever someone has said this to you, i mean this "TRUST ME" thing....??? so what were the first thoughts that came to your mind.....???

                          Yeah! I know "TRUST", this word has many meanings in it, just this one word "TRUST". when you apply this to different situations you get different meanings.
for example:-
 A Knight says to his King,"trust me, your majesty", or your friend says,"trust me buddy", or maybe your gf/bf/life- partner says,"trust me love". In all of the situations the word "TRUST" has its different meanings, in first one it shows the loyalty of knight, while in second it means the real meaning of trust to have faith, while in third case it means "love".....yes in any relationship, whether its business or service, or any relation, all of them fail when there's one thing missing, and yeah that's TRUST.
                     Trusting someone means, having faith in them, having faith in their actions, decisions, thoughts that whatever they'll do that will be good for you or will not harm you. But imagine a situation where your trust has been broken many times by a person and the same person says you this thing"TRUST ME".....then will you trust that person again?? for most of us the answer will be obviously NO, a big HUGE NO....... forget that even if someone betrays us once, we think at least 10 times on again trusting that person, am i right or wrong???

                    Gaining someone's trust is not that easy when that person is betrayed several times, It feels like, its almost impossible for them to trust someone again. And i don't think there's a single person in the world who has not broken someone's trust, if not intentionally maybe unintentionally and they still not know it........Yeah, at times we also don't have idea that we have betrayed someone, be it a simple promise. the most difficult of all is that to maintain the TRUST factor intact.

                   You'll must be thinking why I'm suddenly writing all this, so for that here's your answer.........In life you have to trust a lot of people, and you do that, everyday without even realising it like:-
(1) While travelling in public transport.....don't you trust the driver/motorman/..etc
(2) Buying stuff of your favourite brand...... be it anything.
(3) Your parents.......the ones who brought you in this world
(4) Your teachers and someone helping you in time of need

                     yeah i know the last two cases have some exceptions, but every single thing in this world works on trust,so keep this things in mind, never break someones trust and second never let someone break your trust. yeah as for business it may not matter to that extent as every thing there is done with paper work and in legal manner, but what when it comes to the our real life?? here the trust gains its importance much more. misunderstandings may occur in life, but have at least one person in life to whom you can go and pour your heart out, with the trust that it'll be between both of you.

                      Most of the relations break due to lack of trust and if you really love someone tell them "I TRUST YOU", than "I LOVE YOU" saying i love you is easy but committing to someone means a lot. so guys remember these things, with which i conclude this....
1. There will be 'N' number occasions where you have to trust people,so give them a chance.
2. Even if they break your trust, don't let it effect your decision for trusting others, at least give them a fair chance ;)
3.Get an idea about the situation in which the person broke your trust. maybe he/she had no other option left.
4.Don't allow anyone to break your trust on someone.
5. And last but not least HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF, and you'll never get depressed.

and tysm,
for reading this.. :)
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