Incredible INDIA........The Harsh Truth

NOTE:-This post is about the some of the ironies of INDIA, yes our INCREDIBLE INDIA. Some of the points I  mention here might be a topic for some debate and disagreement, so its a request to take it as just a post and not a topic for debate, no intentions to hurt anyone. Extreme apologies if done by mistake.So think on this whenever you get time and try having a look at reality. this post is not for ones expecting a luvy duvy and a mushy mushy sweet topic........IT'S JUST A POST After all but if even after this there's slight change then i will find posting this worthy.

Every day we hear a lot of things, where we INDIANS are mentioned, the people of INCREDIBLE INDIA. India our motherland is blessed with the most of the natural beauty and wealth in the world, its a sort of heaven on earth. Just think on some of the Facts about INDIA our INCREDIBLE INDIA...............

(1) India is the only country where all 10 bio-geographical regions are found.
(2) There are majority of indians everywhere in the world occupying the top notch fields and positions.
(3) We have a varied history and a glorified past, where India used to be mentioned as the "GOLDEN BIRD".
(4) Several religions reside here, a lot of languages, equally the number of cultures and their cultural diversity.

Instead of all of this now what we are doing actually, the above were just some of the random facts that i mentioned.when we talk about INCREDIBLE INDIA, on factually counting the things that we native indians made are.......???? does any of them come to the level of the things like taj mahal, red fort, or the gateway of india......???? oh leave it. some days ago while surfing on through a social site found a troll, kabaddi should be the national game of india........because..?? its tendency of indians to pull others down, holding their legs, sadly this has become like if i don't succeed i'll also not allow you to succeed. Wow..!!! Really great, I mean hatsoff.......we are now also famous for the level of corruption.....not for the great people and their great discoveries.WE all just keep fighting internally and just boast it like fools, let it be anything, a window seat in public transport..????......or.... bargaining from a poor seller roadside for a rupee or two and just wasting money on things like soft drinks and such other waste.(NOT INTENDED AGAINST ANYONE JUST GENERAL IDEA)

we do anything special or not, there are some things we all are good right from birth........sarcasm......complaining........trolling........showoff (how can i forget this :P).........

we fill internet with the various trolls, and sarcasm, but just filling up the social media doesn't do the thing guys..!! Recently there was a lot of stuff going on both online and offline on SWACHH BHARAT tell me one thing how many of you did even one single thing for that mission, stations are as usual dirty, tracks lined up with garbage and shit (yup...!! yeah really shit)..............we just heard it from one ear and just threw it out from other.........and WE EXPECT THE THINGS TO CHANGE..........seriously no government is completely good or completely worse.........but the change happens when  we, yeah us the people change.........just try thinking on stuff like this I have to conclude this post here itself as this is a topic for great discussion and debate but for now ending this here...try thinking on it.......and please do let me know your views on this.....
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