Reactions to my blog....not actually post.....just experience :)

Reactions to my blog.
        Posting back after a long time sorry to keep you waiting.I had created this blog approx a month ago, had posted some articles and got a great response, which was totally unexpected. Thank you all so much.  It was my wish to create a reader's choice blog and keep my views in front of everyone so they can feel, relate to & comment if they feel like, so soon i will be writing upon the topics you all have suggested me. But first I would like to share the interesting and varied responses I got after creating blog.
      Many of them didn't know whats blog, so there were several different types of questions asked like for example......
1) What you wanna do with this thing?
2) Are you going to earn money with this?
3) Are you planning to be next Chetan Bhagat?
And so to answer all such questions umm i wanna just say that nope i dont want to be next chetan bhagat but yup surely i'll try to bring out some interesting topics, nope not so serious like nuclear physics and quantum mechanics but just some things that we may see every day, which has a great impact on our daily lives but we just tend to either ignore it or rather don't even realise.
   so thank you all for so much of support and please do comment your views and ideas what you feel about the post it means a lot to me and critics are most welcomed.......
                                                                                                                                     thanks for reading,
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