School Days......days of fun and innocence

School, this brings me the happy and sweet memories of fun  and frolic. The days when we used to get early in morning by mom's shouting and not by alarms roar :) :P
         When we were in school we used to hate it like waking up early and holidays were cherished like treasures by just curling and cuddling in beds till late, whole day playing and the most important no study ;)
         I remember during school days mom used to wake me up every day instead of setting 3 alarms every day :P and getting late every next day, since I wasn't one of morning birds at that time but as time passes now I can get up on myself with alarm. The scolding for incomplete homework,  or maybe pranks and mischief done, I bet there's no one in this world who has not been this situation even once in life. But as years passed the holidays had been encapsulated by extra tutions and homework loads, slowly and gradually there came the day of farewell from school life and entering a new world where there's a blind rat race for everything, even for lazing around :)
         Farewell function at school was one of the most moments to be cherished and stored in our memories. The ones who had fought a lot became best buddies, even the grumpiest of teachers were seemed to cry out any moment. Everyone was promising each other to stay in touch with each other even if they were miles apart. The students which never talked to each other also became best friends.
          When we were in school, we hated it but now we miss every moment of those innocence and carefree blissful days. Its truly said the value of thing is most before its obtained and of person after the contact is lost..... we miss you teachers, buddies........ and wish can meet up once again and relive those days of absolute innocence.
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