R.I.P. English..... :P

R.I.P. English..... :P
        "R.I.P. English", frankly we might have commented it or have came across this  comment several times.I am not going to lecture on this, but introduce you to a new view on this comment.
         Yesterday while checking through news feed on my Facebook account I came across this comment on post of my friend who was a little weak in this aspect. My friend rehan (name changed), is one of the toppers in academics as well as in sports right from school days.The irony is that he had completed his basic education(1st-10th std) from a vernacular medium and so was relatively a bit weak in english, The language which everyone is so proud of, and even bigger irony it's not even our language but an adopted language which has now occupied our lives such that even basic needs are now on dependence of it.
         I know it very well that this post is in english too :P :) but just unable to speak a language or being uncomfortable in it even costs some people a livelihood. Yeah people don't get job if they don't know English.
         Is unablity of proper grip in english is a crime? I bet there are many of us who don't even know to speak or neither can read or write in their mother tongue...... then why don't we comment r.i.p. at such occasions?  My intention is not to offend anyone.

        But rather continuing to comment this stupidity, let's help them to get comfortable with this important language. What you says guys?................ and if u have friends like rehan, help them to improve their fluency in English. And who knows they might help you up with ur assignments :) :P.........
With regards,
Dhawal :)
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