Love...reality or fantasy

  Love.......its the most exciting and never ending topic of discussion nowadays, the most popular topic for teenagers, film industry, authors, and several others.
         But I have a simple question do love really exist or its just a fantasy that we enjoy thinking and believing. As I entered the college life, this topic was on my mind too. Within a month every next or other day I saw people entering relationships and within a week or maybe a month having a breakup. The length of such relationships were like measured in days and months, weren't they were to be existed till forever as they were in love. Not to hurt anyone but I found ans to my question when one of my closest friend entered in one such relationship.
        Like every other fling(as I may like to call it :P) this one to ended within 3 months....... and my friend went into serious depression. Then while observing and understanding such other breakups i got my answer.
         What's the thing that we have hear almost every day "he's so cute", "she's so beautiful", "is he/she single....?". People find their partners by looks and not personality, they try to lure and woo them through different ideas some by presents some by sweet talks, but is that real you....? For most of them the answer comes 'no', once you enter relationship your goal to obtain a partner gets accomplished and you slowly and gradually stop being that sweet talking and generously gifting and surprising person. And your partner slowly feels the change in you, then start the arguments, fights, and finally after long or maybe short suffering a heart break (as they call it).
          Is this we wished for, and adored every single moment thinking about it? Umm no I don't think so anyone of one wished for der anyone please do comment.
         So better being someone else for impressing someone lets try to be ourselves and wait and watch what destiny has for you, and I m damn sure it'll be best of even you can think of.....
         And to conclude lets enjoy feeling of being in love and enjoying being loved. And remember love is not limited to just such relationships its a lot beyond it because your family started loving you even before you entered this world.:) ;)
         So keep reading and commenting, see you guys with my next post till then enjoy kaleidoscope
With regards,

Dhawal :)
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