Friendship V/S Relationship.......whats your pick..???

Hey guys,
                 Many of us are in relationships, many a times our friends complain to us that we forgot them after getting a partner. Am I right guys? Have you ever thought that are you the same person that you were before or you have changed?
                So when you are in a relationship and a time comes to choose between either of your girlfriend/boyfriend or your BFF (Best Friend Forever), who would you choose? Too many questions right? Let’s get some views on it.
                If someone asks my choice then I'll definitely choose my best friend, you want to know why? Because it was my best friend who was with me even before if I had met her, but it’s nothing like she's not important..... Rather I'll try to balance both sides :) .According to me friendship is the only bond that is totally unconditional, some people might state that even love is the same but rather love still requires inputs like time, care, and sometimes even money :P , just kidding..... Real love doesn't require money but it rather stands on pillars of time and caring what you give and receive .
              While that's not the case with friendship, Once a friend always a friend, even if you meet your buddies after a long time period you share the same bonding, whether you had contacted them in between that time period or not. but that's not the case with relationships.... people face breakups in if the fail to even respond to their partner's messages.... can u imagine that?
              There are some of us that break all connections with friends and totally get busy with their partners, and forget that there is even a life outside it.
           And the most important of all when you face breakups and get into depression, there are your friends who get you back on track from that tragedy..... As every coin has two sides and we have to balance both its the same here, but whenever you get in situation like friendship v/s relationship .... Then what you choose it depends upon you ;) :).

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