Being sweet and nice............. Are you flirting?

Hi everyone,
                     Firstly I would like to ask you your opinion on who with you would like to have a conversation with? A sweet and polite natured person or a rude and attitude struck person? Most of us would surely like to interact with the sweet natured person. Why this is so?
          As world today is progressing towards the 21st, the we are slowly and gradually turning more practical and materialistic in behavior, it’s becoming like being polite is so rare that it’s now being compared with flirting, or rather, is being considered as being a tail taddler.
                      Being sweet and nice is such a crime? That it’s being viewed with such suspicion. On this I remember some of my classmates gossiping about a guy from our class, who is very polite and sweet natured boy, and is a bit talkative too. People mostly consider him as a flirt or tail taddler at first sight.
            Why can’t we be polite? Is it that difficult? Maybe it’s not that easy also, controlling our temper comes into a big picture here, most of the times we lose our temper easily due to the stress that comes out of from our daily life. Our way of conversing with the person matters the most to make him/her to pay attention to what you are talking about. But imagine a world where everyone is polite and sweet, how you would feel when someone is being nice to you? Don’t you feel like talking with that person and being with them always? And that rather makes you feel special and wanted.

          Most of the people consider nowadays abusing and talking rudely as a part of coolness which appears them like a way to gain attention and become popular. And thus the polite and sweet natured person is also compared to a flirt nowadays. Let’s be polite rather than being rude, also being polite doesn’t mean to be a fake person.

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